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Dupont has always represented excellence as well as quality, which are two defining traits of Corian that make these surfaces the best for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Health is an aspect that we can never compromise upon. Whether it is at home, offices or healthcare institutions, it is important to choose the right surfaces that promote healthy living.Hospitals and clinics have to be synonymous with hygiene to ensure optimal care to all the patients who come with the hopes of being cured of their health ailments. Unhygienic surroundings can only complicate their health condition and risk their life. It is time to move on and opt for Dupont Corian surfaces to ensure the hospitals, clinics and every other healthcare institution is kept sparkling clean and free of germs round the clock.

The importance of Dupont Corian in Healthcare

• Dupont Corian is considered to be the epitome of hygiene since it has a homogenous surface that does not have any open joints or pores.
• Easy to maintain since they can be cleaned in minutes to rid them of germs and other harmful microorganisms.
• Ideal choice for operation theatres since Dupont Corian complies with all the safety regulations laid down by the healthcare industry and combat cross infection effectively.
• Can be disinfected easily and curbs the formation of bacteria and other harmful germs.
• Prevent infiltration of fluids and other liquids, thus eliminating the formation of mould and mildew.
• Once installed, Dupont Corian surfaces can stay in their prime for years with minimal maintenance.

Dupont Corian surfaces are designed to look aesthetically appealing at all times. This is the reason for these surfaces to be the preferred choice for dental clinics and consultation rooms of ophthalmologists, paediatricians and even veterinary surgeons. Dupont Corian is also highly recommended for laboratories and the food handling areas of healthcare institutions too.

If you want to be assured of utmost care and fast recovery of all patients and keep cross infection and other complications at bay, reach out to us today to get Dupont Corian surfaces installed.

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