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The creative landscape has changed as design increasingly becomes a fusion of ideas, material, technology, and the environment. Aesthetics and functionality harmonise with a powerful awareness of the body and how it interacts with this brave new world. Smooth transitions fl ow between art, architecture and design and each medium must be able to adapt, progress and evolve with time.

The wARM-TO-ThE TOUCh FEELING of this material immediately inspires a sense of confi dence and reliability, and rightly so as the hygienic, durable and functional properties of Corian® make it ideal for all those realms where food is king. Manipulating colour, texture and shape is central to creating an appealing sensory ensemble, both on the plate and around it.

Experience with DuPontTM Corian® the bathing rituals of wellness, fitness and revitalization. The design of the bathroom can infl uence our relationship with the precious element of water. Corian® offers a warm to touch solution that reinforces all the dimensions of this daily human luxury.

ThE ORGANIC FEELING of DuPontTM Corian®, coupled with a seamless look, fluid design and a broad range of colour possibilities, creates a platform for boundless creativity.

Innovative, durable, irresistible: Whether for exterior cladding or interior decoration, using DuPont™ Corian® on vertical surfaces enables designers to opt for pure, clean and innovative lines with almost no limitation with regard to shapes and angles. Dealing with that most basic need of all, shelter, has entered a new era.

WEATHER NO LONGER HAS AN IMPACT : The weatherproof qualities of Corian® means that it can be used as cladding solution for a building’s exterior as well as for its interior.

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